Welcome to Aguru Guru

Hello, My name is Shirl Micallef and I am passionate to create my handmade jewellery, merging with natural material – the real Agarwood. My area of interest for this shop is design with my intuitive mind. Why I like Agarwood, this unique selection is inspired by my late mother and I wanted to extend her love and spread to others who want to get the benefits from this valuable material. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my products. I’ve always believed that finding ways to happiness and fulfillments not only for myself and also for all of you and this is my genuine intention.

Production Methods

I am always passionate to create artistic products, I love this wood because it is so unique, each one is a piece of art. I love the unique shapes, and the pleasant odour and colours. Each piece has its own history. For my background, I am of Chinese origin from Hong Kong. have resided in Canada and now living in the United Kingdom , my heritage inspired me to use this combination of material and techniques. Historic wood plus wire-wrapped techniques. I only use simple tools and most of the time I use freehand to do the wire wrap. I don’t use glue or nail in order to keep the purity, these pendants are never chemical-treated. Since each piece is in free form, so it does take time and skill on each piece.

We only offer genuine Aguru (Agarwood) jewellery, all our Aguru (Agarwood) are source from a reputable, legal, plantation field in China to you directly. Thank you for visiting us.

If you would like to contact me by Email, please send to: contact@aguruguru.com
If you would like to contact me by WhatsApp, please send to: 07468855452

Simply define of Aguru (Agarwood)

Aguru (Agarwood) is the most rare and precious heartwood on the planet. This fragrant wood, the resinous part of the wounded Aquilaria tree is called agar-wood. It is a very high demand in many countries for its value and rareness.