Care for Your Agar-wood Pendant

Aguru is an aromatic portion of the Aquilaria tree. It is non-timber; light texture and the wood are diffuse porous. Our Aguru jewelry is precious, light, soft and absorbs liquid, they require the best care to maintain its look and aroma.

If it is too much damage, clean the aguru pendant regularly with a soft cloth and wear it regularly to form the natural glossy layer. The color of the aguru depends on the resin of the aguru. Some are sensitive to water and sweat; however, this wired wrap-finishing pendent is very fragile to sharp/abrasive items. Be cautious when you wear delicate clothing like silk or chiffon.


This aguru pendant should be avoiding being submerged in water due to its porous characteristic, water will be quickly absorbed in the aguru and it also quickly dries up and cracks will appear.


Sweat can strip off the glossiness layer on the pendant reveal the natural color of the aguru. The best thing to regain its shine is using a soft cloth to re-polish and clean up the pendant from sweat residues that may clog on the aguru and form dirt.


It is too strong to dissolves the resin, it will remove natural oil layer formed on the aguru pendant. It will be damaged permanently, so be cautious when it is too close to alcohol substance.


It like alcohol, fragrances in perfume will be absorbed and affect the natural aroma. So avoid spray your perfume directly on the pendant. It will cause ling-term damage or aroma of the aguru.

Copper Wire Wrap

Be cautious when you are wearing it but close to baby or small children as it may cause harmful with its sharp wire ends. Do not try rewiring the pendant as our artists and craftsmanship professionally done it.