Natural Agarwood Copper Wire Wrap Pendant 6.9g

This genuine Agarwood art jewelry symbolizes a journey of success and reward. The real copper wire wrapping technique expresses luxury whilst the resinous Agarwood represents nature and its truth – the need to balance the physical pleasures without losing sight of the spiritual.

Agarwood or Oud was part of the very early cultures around the globe used for attaining clarity of mind, enlightenment, and inner peace. Buddhist monks used it for meditation, Tibetan monks believe it calms the mind & spirit; in China, it is considered able to alter consciousness & in Ancient Egypt. Agarwood has been a part of various alternative medicinal practices including Ayurveda, the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sufi medicines, Tibetan, Arabic and certain other East Asian medicinal systems for psychological conditions and for various skin problems.

All of our pendants are made of 100% genuine Agarwood. Agarwood is said to have absorbed the spirits of Heaven and Earth so it holds a sacred and extraordinary energy within that can bring to their owners lucks, peace, good health, successful career development, happiness, and prosperity. Agarwood has a unique sweet aroma, delicate and a hint of spice and will last for a very long time. The more you wear the pendant, the shinier they will become.

This precious pendant is made entirely made by hand, no glue, no nail or no chemical treatment. Please handle with care and do not try to adjust the copper wire as it may cause damage to the wood, and it may cause damage to the pendant.
All pendants come in wooden box, satin cord necklace, velvet bag, for storage and protection, and leaflet of “care your jewelry”


Plantation Agarwood: Southern China
Approximate Dimension: Full Length-108mm x Width-30mm x Depth-20mm
Weigh: (Before wiring) 6.9g; (After wiring) 16.9g
Color: Brown (light/medium)
Wire color: Bronze
Price: £270
Quantity: 1 piece


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